VIBE Recruit: An online simulation developer.


VIBE Recruit lets you run candidates through our proven simulations, or we can custom build one for you.


Harness predictive analytics.


Identify experienced candidates who may be missed using traditional screening methods.

Assess applicant skills before investing time on interviews.


Enhance your own talent management process with a seamless integration of our simulations.

Rank candidates before looking at a single resume.


Review and compare comprehensive candidate reports.


We can also build custom simulations just right for your business needs.


Our VIBE Recruit simulations can help assess candidates’


Accountability to results

Attention to detail

Communication skills (written and verbal)

Computer navigation

Customer service





Problem solving

Reading comprehension

Social judgement skills

…and more


Experts in simulations for:

Call Centres

Front-Line Retail

Back-Office Administration

Customer Service in:

Financial Services


Real Estate