VIBE LMS: A scalable learning management system.


VIBE LMS will connect your learners, reduce your workload, lower your operating costs, and give you the data you need to help plan for the future.


A friendly, easy to use formal and informal learning portal


Expert troubleshooting and support


Download standard and custom reports


Connect and import external learning libraries


Automatic due date reminders and other notifications


Seamless integration with your systems and databases


Simple and intuitive learner and administrator dashboards


Set up payments and eCommerce


Mobile-friendly and branded to your business


Manage certifications and previous learning achievements

Reliable and aligned to your security protocols


Schedule and manage online and in-class sessions


Publish courses, enroll learners, and track learner progress


Create smart learning paths/program streams with custom completion requirements


Bundle VIBE LMS with VIBE Assess. Ask us how.


Work with our expert team and start using VIBE LMS in as little as a week…

Clarify your objectives:

We’ll help you figure out what’s important to your business now and in the future, and what you need from an LMS.

Select your configuration:

We’ll connect VIBE LMS to your own systems and databases, and work with you to optimize system integration.

Make it seamless to your people:

We’ll apply your brand so that it becomes your solution and enhances learner engagement.  

Start using VIBE LMS:

We’ll train your people to start adding content and enrolling learners. We’ll support you when you need it.