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Taking VR to the cats—VIDEO

We promise no cats were harmed in this VR interaction demo by Leap Motion. They encourage learning through play and experimentation. VR interactions harness the power of intuitiveness more than any other technology.  You can download the VR, but don’t forget to put kitty back together when you’re done.


eLearning trends that make some experts cringe

Although we don’t agree with all of the opinions, we thought this Elucidat article where they asked ten learning and development experts to weigh in on the eLearning trends that make them cringe, was interesting. There’s definitely room for more thinking and dialogue. Read the whole article: “10 learning experts share their bugbears.”


Micro-learning: not just about video

Micro-learning is short, focused training that should take the learner no more than 2 to 5 minutes to review. And it’s not just about video. Here’s eLearning Industry’s round-up of 15 types of micro-learning divided into three themes: read, view, learn. Read the full article for more details about the below: READ: infographics, interactive infographics, PDFs, […]