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Do you know this person?

A colleague recently asked me to go to a site called I clicked on the link, and what came up was a photograph of a person—refreshing the link brought up more people. So why was this special? Who were these people? The answers: exceptional and no one. These people do not exist in real life. […]


Machine learning—also for the bats

Neuroecologist, Yossi Yovel and his team modified a machine learning algorithm, so they could analyze how Egyptian fruit bats communicate. The result? Bats speak to each other as individuals—and actually communicate specific problems. This is breakthrough research in our understanding of how animals communicate. From Jason Daley’s Smithsonian article: “They were able to classify 60 […]


Machine learning

We recently attended a session at iVentures and the topic on everyone’s lips was—ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. In fact, it’s what everyone wanted to talk about. Accenture’s Nicole Knott wrote a post called “Creating a Better World With AI.” She starts with fear and ends with a better place. She says: “To unleash the power of AI […]