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Combining eLearning with a Chatbot

An AI-enabled Chatbot or Smartbot lets users interact and have realistic conversations with the program. Ravi Pratap Singh has written an article about the world’s first chatbot-powered eLearning course using Storyline—Project Disha. Project Disha addresses the topic of workplace sexual harassment in India via an interactive, scenario-based eLearning Course and a Chatbot called Disha the […]


Create your own custom Chatbot

Alexander Salas has outlined 10 steps for creating your own custom Chatbot for eLearning purposes. This includes creating free accounts on Skype, QnA, and BotFramework; creating, testing, and verifying your knowledge base data; and embedding your Chatbot in the eLearning. Read the full eLearning Industry article.


Jaw-dropping AI

We’ve been providing interesting information around AI in previous blogs, but this application just made our jaws drop. The title of Dana Smith’s article published by the University of California San Francisco is: Artificial Intelligence Can Detect Alzheimer’s Disease in Brain Scans Six Years Before a Diagnosis.You read that right. Jae Ho Sohn, MD, MS and […]