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What’s in the mashed potatoes?

Sometimes you come across an advice column that makes you go just wow… This is one of them. The Cut’s regular advice columnist, Heather Havrilesky’s response to a reader writing about how her in-laws are careless with her serious mushroom allergy. Imagine going to dinner and your in-laws who have been told how it’s life […]


Dear Abby for the workplace

There’s very good advice found in Alison Green’s ASK A MANAGER website and in her books. Alison’s been answering people’s work-related questions since 2007. She gets questions on topics like how to make your boss adore you, how to take criticism gracefully, what to do when your manager won’t manage, how to not suck at firing people, […]


Alison Green has biases

Yes, we already posted about advice columnist, Alison Green; however, the biases she lists in her Ask a Manager website are worth their own post: “I believe the whole point of managing is to get things done. Everything else follows from there. I believe that employers and employees should just be straightforward with each other and not […]