Redwood Successes



We’re all about performance too.


Check back over time as we add to this list of our successes.


Design and build an interactive online course with video scenarios

Our work with this city health link focused on the topic of advance care planning. We designed and developed an interactive online course that gives any health care professional the knowhow to initiate an advance care planning conversation. The course includes information, video scenarios, and the five steps to Advance Care Planning. The course also includes links to valuable information and tools.


Design and build an interactive, scenario-based program

Our work with this client is part of how they are advancing their mandate to increase health system performance across Ontario. They needed a way to help personal support workers understand how to deliver quality in their jobs. We created a unique seven-step approach and are developing scenario-based learning to bring it to life.


Design and build a first-of-its kind online course

Our work with this Canada-wide partnership is the first in a planned series of online learning modules to help provide information and conformity.  We delivered top level instructional design including a foundational eight-step process and are currently building the first module geared to understanding cancer registries.


Responsive design hosted on a learning management system (currently shortlisted for a Retail Council Award)

Our work with this large food retailer required us to develop innovative ways to push out learning using a responsive design strategy. We constructed a total learning program of over 75 modules and set of reference materials available in customized learning paths. The program is hosted and supported on our own learning and performance engine—VIBE LPE.


Design eLearning assembled into custom learning paths and hosted and supported by a customized LMS

Our work with this leader in performance improvement methodologies and tools focused on giving them the capability to push training to the thousands of users in their client organizations. We built a series of modular components that can be assembled in customized learning paths for administrators, teams, managers, and customer-facing employees. The program is managed by the client and hosted and supported on a customized VIBE LPE with robust tracking and reporting features.


Innovative content and interactive calculator

Our work with this luxury retailer won a CSTD Gold Award for eLearning excellence. They needed a way to communicate and embed a new employment brand.  We developed content that focused on the value employees bring to the business and how the company recognizes that value through total rewards. Our virtual online “magazine” also included a unique interactive calculator widget.


Scenario-based learning series

Our work with this ministry focused on scenario-based learning. They needed Ontario Public Service personnel to be aware of the unique cultures, languages, spiritual beliefs and perspectives of First Nation, Métis and Inuit people. We built a 12-part learning series that demonstrated the “what” and the “how” of applying this knowledge to their jobs.


Design and develop a certificate course hosted as a client-driven revenue engine

Our work with this health and safety client involved focusing on an online strategy facilitated by a learning management system. We turned their proven first aid approach into a WSIB Ontario certified 26-module online course (text, visuals, audio, instructional videos) hosted in customized learning paths on VIBE LPE.  We set up the site as a client-driven revenue engine with robust reporting features and continue to host and provide support.


Design and build a collaborative social platform

Our work with this hospitality industry client won a CSTD Wow! Award for eLearning excellence. They needed a way to build, implement, and sustain a global collaborative mindset in their people. We designed and built a social platform so they could problem solve challenges, share best practices and demonstrate leadership around the world. This project was the basis for how the social platform functionality of VIBE LPE works.