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A cuttlefish goes to the movies

Virtual reality is not just for humans. Did you know that cuttlefish can watch movies in 3D? Scientists from the University of Minnesota put tiny 3D glasses on cuttlefish to test how they would react to videos of their favourite food, shrimp. The cuttlefish attacked the virtual reality shrimp just like they would have real […]


Cool runnings

There are many amazing things going on in the world of virtual reality, including using VR to help athletes get better. Here’s something that caught our eye. It’s an app called Bobsleigh 360 and it simulates the experience of riding with a bobsleigh team down a bobsleigh track. It’s a rush! Learn more.  


Virtual Reality and Learning Development

A new film announced at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival is offering viewers the chance to see life through the eyes of a 12-year-old Syrian refugee and what’s it like to live life inside one of the world’s largest refugee camps. This is one on of four films available through the new United Nations […]