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Taking VR to the cats—VIDEO

We promise no cats were harmed in this VR interaction demo by Leap Motion. They encourage learning through play and experimentation. VR interactions harness the power of intuitiveness more than any other technology.  You can download the VR, but don’t forget to put kitty back together when you’re done.


Anita Windisman’s tips for leveraging LinkedIn

Anita Windisman, a five+ year veteran of LinkedIn, recently recorded a webinar for us about LinkedIn best practices. She provided insightful and practical tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile to showcase yourself and your business, build your network to increase your visibility online, and find and engage with customers and prospects. Below are a few […]


An academic’s introduction to experiential learning

We came across a wonderfully detailed research paper published by Ryerson University’s Learning and Teaching Office, titled “Best Practices in Experiential Learning.” It was prepared by Michelle Schwartz, Research Associate, for the Vice Provost, Academic, Ryerson University, 2012. Read the whole paper for more information about the below. An expanded definition of experiential learning. Who benefits […]