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eLearning Design and Development

Talk to us about award-winning custom eLearning, multi-platform formats, games, micro-learning, gamification, and immersive experiences.

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Flexible and Scalable Hosting Platform

Talk to us about VIBE LMS, our learning management system built specifically for smart businesses looking to manage the learning of their people.


Assessment and Certification Tool

Talk to us about how VIBE Assessment can help you create and manage simple or complex certification programs.

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Predictive Analytics for Recruitment

Talk to us about how we use predictive analytics to build recruitment simulations that help you select the right talent.

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Make the Move to Online Content

Talk to us about how our team of instructional designs and developers can tweak your F2F programs into compelling online learning experiences FAST!

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Give Your Courses a Makeover

Talk to us about how our team of instructional designers and developers can help you move your older content into a format supported by today’s browsers.

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Get Ready for Virtual Delivery of Care

Talk to us about how we’re integrating things like Zoom capability into VIBE LMS so that practitioners have a secure platform to provide virtual delivery of care to their clients.


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