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Use Twitter to tell compelling stories

Blair Braverman is an author and American dogsledder who will compete in this year’s Iditarod. She’s a brilliant storyteller with an ability to thread her tweets in a way that engages both heart and mind. And, oh the dogs! Alaskan Huskies are incredible athletes, and they love to run. Start with this thread and enter a world […]


Tell your story with clarity

When talking about the things you don’t want to talk about, negotiation and conflict resolution expert, Peter Hiddema“How to Talk About the Things You Don’t Want to Talk About“ proposes three guidelines to telling your story with clarity: Don’t present your conclusions as THE truth. Share where your conclusions come from. Avoid absolutes such as […]


Using Storytelling to move from selling to telling

We all know that storytelling (done right) can be one of the most effective ways of communicating and embedding your message. And it’s not just for learning, it’s also how businesses can build their brands (and increase sales). It’s about making a “move from selling to telling”. Read CMO by Adobe’s 6 Brands That Have […]