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Jane Bozarth on career development for L&D

I just posted about Jane Bozarth’s wonderful Nuts and Bolt blog.  Here’s a vimeo gem from seven years ago where Jane provides insights around career development for learning and development practitioners. A good quote from the video: “I think that folks in the field are really going to need to learn community building skills, interaction skills. They […]


Jane Bozarth is awesome!

We love author, eLearning guru, and director of research for The eLearning Guild, Jane Bozarth. It’s hard to choose just one item from her Nuts and Bolts blog, so we’re linking you to all of them and letting you decide. You won’t be disappointed.


What’s in a business case?

A solid business case is essential to showing why your proposed solution is a good investment to decision-makers. A business case should include: An executive summary An introduction and context around why you are proposing the solution—what is opportunity? The overall goal and SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) How the solution will benefit […]