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Jane Bozarth on career development for L&D

I just posted about Jane Bozarth’s wonderful Nuts and Bolt blog.  Here’s a vimeo gem from seven years ago where Jane provides insights around career development for learning and development practitioners. A good quote from the video: “I think that folks in the field are really going to need to learn community building skills, interaction skills. They […]


eLearning trends (2018)

Every year trots out new lists of trends from the learning industry. One of our favourites for 2018 is from eLearningArt. They talked to 57 experts, summarized the feedback, and came up with these 11 trends: Micro-learning Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile xAPI Virtual Reality (VR) Subscription Tools & Learning Science-based Learning […]


Seven things to look for in an LMS

As Redwood’s Learning and Technology Manager, I work closely with our LMS clients. Here are my top seven things to look for in a learning management system: Ease of use; intuitive for both learner and administrator Modern, fully-responsive, mobile-first interface Seamless integration with existing or planned systems Flexibility to customize to brand as well as […]