Stop boring me

We’ve all had to sit through boring training at some time or other—including online learning. Juliette Denny writes in eLearning industry about the connection between learning and engagement and asks a question: When did learning stop being fun? She talks about an engagement crisis: “Whatever your misgiving with learning games might be, it’s hard to deny that they address the biggest challenge facing L&D today – the engagement crisis. Gallup polls found that just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged. A worrying 63% are not engaged at all and an even more concerning 24% are actively disengaged. These disengaged employees don’t just slow your organisational growth; they might actively seek to reverse it.” Juliette goes further to identify game-based learning as a solution and what kinds of people would most benefit from that approach: new staff, people in high-risk jobs, people who don’t stop, and Generation Y. READ THE ARTICLE.