It’s not about you

A former head of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Program and current founder of People Formula, Robin Dreeke has written a book about trust called: It’s Not All About “Me”: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone. I rather like Thomas Oppong’s article about it in Medium Magazine who writes, “Here is a simple truth about humans you should keep in mind — we are all wired for connection, we care deeply about ourselves, we want to feel important, and we like and trust familiar things. These ideas are the basic foundation for building rapport with just about anyone.” The techniques are listed below. READ THE ARTICLE.

  • Establish artificial time constraints
  • Accommodate nonverbals
  • Use a slower rate of speech
  • Use a sympathy or assistance theme
  • Validate Others
  • Ask … how? when? why?
  • Connect with Quid Pro Quo
  • Give a gift
  • Manage expectations