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Online learning is going to high school

The Ontario provincial government just announced they want high school students to take online courses for four out of 30 high school credits in order to graduate. Joanne Laucius, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, says this means that “Ontario high school students will have more compulsory e-learning than any other jurisdiction in the world.” The […]


Learning from our AI past

Accenture posted a fascinating article: What we can learn about AI of the 1800s. You read that right—the 1800s. The below is taken directly from their brief, but we highly recommend reading the full ARTICLE to find out more. “Where is AI taking us? What will it enable in the future? How will it change industries […]


Redwood does more than eLearning

Many of you know us as a learning company. But did you know that we also have an LMS, build online recruitment simulations, and we’ve just introduced a new assessment tool. It’s pretty nifty and lets you build your own assessments and certification programs, manage candidates, run tests, and see the results through a full-featured engine […]